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Join Hungryy Delivery Fleet

Enjoy flexible working hours. Deliver to your convenience, no acceptance penalties. Earn per completed delivery.  Get incentives or tips from customers. Daily cash payout. Join as our ad hoc, contract or infleet drivers.

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Delivery Fleet


Good Income Opportunity

What We Deliver

We deliver parcel, halal food, consumer or household goods and items from warehouses. 

High Trip Income

Earn as much as $19.75 per delivery. Deliver for nearby or islandwide orders or both.

Next Day Payout

Earnings available for withdrawal on the next day unless weekend or public holiday.

Type Of Deliveries

One pick up, one location jobs and one pick up multiple locations - Contract Delivery

Stack Jobs

Earn more with multiple deliveries per trip. Delivery earning is according to distance

You Are The Boss

No cancellation or acceptance rate whatsoever to worry about. Deliver when you want to.


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1. Vehicle type we accept are bicycle, bike, car, MPV and van

2. You will need to submit NRIC and driving license

3. It may take 6-24 hours before your account is activated

4. You will need to submit NRIC and bank account details in Stripe

5. You are ready to start earning with us

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One Pick Up
Multiple Locations Job

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