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If this FAQ section does not answer to your questions, you may contact us at 6484-6799 (office hours).

  • What is Hungryy App?
    Hungryy is a home grown Singapore owned brand. We are an online Halal food ordering and delivery app. We also offer last mile delivery services, grocery and group buy platform.
  • How do I contact Customer Service?
    You may contact our hotline number 6484-6799. If you're on our website, you may like to chat with us.
  • How can I get technical help for my app?
    Your app might not be working correctly as you might not have the latest version. Delete all data cache and uninstall the app. Then install the latest version, CLICK HERE
  • What are your delivery fees?
    Delivery fees are calculated based on distance between your selected delivery address and the merchant’s location. We offer lowest islandwide delivery fee in the market.
  • Where do you deliver?
    All our merchants are open for islandwide deliveries. Hungryy delivers to nearby and islandwide.
  • What kind of delivery do you support?
    You may opt for takeaway. We provide immediate, schedule and pre-order delivery.
  • What is your mode of payment?
    Hungryy accepts Debit / Credit Cards payment method. Nets Click is our default payment processor. Customers may also use Stripe.
  • How do promo codes or discount work?
    To enjoy a promo code offer to an order, enter and apply the promo code anytime before your checkout. Discount is offered by our merchant. The discounted price will be reflected in the app.
  • What can I do if I have forgotten my email or password?
    You may use the "Forgot Password" function in your app. If you have forgotten your email address, you may call our hotline number 6484-6799.
  • What if I input the wrong address for my order?
    We do not allow any change of address once order is confirmed. No cancellation or refund will be given. We will however out of good will, assist to contact the delivery partner assigned to your order if he/she is able to make the detour. If the actual destination is further than the address you input, you should pay $5-$10 in cash to the delivery partner to cover for the trip.
  • What happen if there is an order cancellation?
    Once an order is confirmed, no cancellation is allowed. You may however contact our hotline 6484-6799 for any urgent matters. If however there is a cancellation, full refund will be given. You should generally receive your refund within 4-7 working days, depending on your bank.
  • What is Hungryy?
    Hungryy is a Halal focused app offering food, grocery and group buy ordering and delivery platform. We also provide last mile delivery services.
  • Is there any sign up or setup fees?
    Sign up fee is only $10. There is no setup or monthly fee. If we issue you the Hungryy order printing device, a refundable deposit of $100 is required.
  • What is your commission rate?
    We offer the lowest commission rate of up to 18.5%. Transaction fee as required by payment gateway will apply.
  • Do merchants have to pay for delivery fee?
    Delivery fees are borne by the customers. You do not need to pay any delivery fee.
  • How will I receive my payment?
    Funds will be auto transferred daily to your local bank for processing. Your earning will be available for withdrawal on the next working day. if it's a weekend, earnings will be available on Monday.
  • How to apply for Hungryy order printing device?
    Home based business owners do not need to use the device. You can operate the business via smart phone. Download and install our Hungryy Merchant app, CLICK HERE If you are a restaurant, cafe or food stall, contact our hotline 6484-6799
  • How can I manage my orders and menu?
    Each merchant will be given access to a personal admin panel where you can manage your orders, change your menu or get finance report in real time. You can close shop or pause order via our Hungryy device or merchant app
  • How to become Hungryy Delivery Partner?
    Download the Hungryy Delivery Partner: CLICK HERE. Once you have submitted the required details, our team will review and activate your account within 12-48 hours. You may purchase Hungryy delivery kit. Contact our hotline at 6484-6799. Once your account has been approved, you will receive an email notification. Login into your app and connect your bank account with Stripe, our payment processor. Submit all required documents with Stripe. You are ready to make money with Hungryy.
  • Who can join as Hungryy Delivery Partner?
    You must be at least 18 years old. Must be Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident. You will need to submit image of National Identity Card. Valid driving license if applying with bike, car, MPV or van. You will need to submit image.
  • Is there any full time or contract Delivery Partner?
    Yes. You may opt to join as Hungryy in-fleet or contract delivery partner. These partners will be given one pickup multiple delivery location kind of jobs besides the usual ad hoc deliveries.
  • What are the login or working hours?
    You can choose to login or work anytime depending on your availability. In-fleet and contract delivery partners may have certain working hours.
  • How will I get paid?
    We will transfer your earnings on a daily basis. Money available for withdrawal in your bank account on the next working day. If it's a weekend, you will receive earnings on Monday. You can check your earnings in your app under the Payout section.
  • Are there incentives?
    There are 4 types of incentives that we give: Loyalty Incentive - Complete a certain minimum number of orders within a specified time to earn this. Peak Hour Incentive - Complete a certain minimum number of orders within a specified peak period time to earn this. Fastest Job Incentive - Be the first to complete a certain number of orders daily to earn this. Fast Delivery Incentive - Deliver your job within a specific timing to earn this.
  • Do we have to pay any fees to be Hungryy Delivery Partner?
    You do not need to pay for any fees. It is free to become Hungryy Delivery Partner
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